Nanobubbles on Dissolved Air Floatation

Reduced sewage treatment costs

There are many aerobic treatment process during the sewage treatment. These require a lot of electricity and a high cost. Honour Farm’s micro-nanobubble systems enhance the effects of aeration without any huge capital expenditures and reduce the consumption of electiricity.


The main reasons for applying micro nanobubbles to STP are improved floating effect, increased microbial vitality, and reduced operating cost.


Traditoinal aeration methods require sufficient power consumption to obtain sufficient effects. Honour Farm’s micro-nanobubble system can float more efficiently by supplying a large amount of microbubbles and nanobubbles together.


The water discharged after treatment may look clean, but it is dead water with DO close to O. Honour Farm’s nanobubble system helps to vitalize the aquatic ecosystem by raising DO to appropriate level.