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While Honour Farm’s nanobubble systems have higher performance and durability, they are cheaper and need lower power consumption and operating cost. This is to realize the core value of Honour Farm, the broad and commenly use of nanobubble technology.

In order to meet customers’ various purposes and needs, we provide a variety of products and are prepared to supply only the core parts separately to ensure that our customers do not spend too much money to purchase a nanobubble system.

Finished products, semi-finished products and core parts can be selectively purchased depending on the customer’s finances and conditions. Regardless of whether customers are rich or poor farmers, they can use nanobubble technology in a wide variety of fields, from improving water quality to fisheries, agriculture and so on.

Buying Option


Consists of
  – Bubble Module


Consists of
  – Bubble Module
  – Pump
   – Casing & Controller


Consists of
  – Bubble Module
  – Pump
  – Casing & Controller
  – Oxygen Concentrator

Products Categories by Bubble Type

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HNB Series efficiently provide high-density nanobubbles using high-pressure pumps and fine-complex structures.

It needs high costs such as higher prices, more power consumption, and more operating cost.

These are developed for laboratories, hatcheries, drinking water treatment, and other fields where need high-density nanobubbles.

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HNMB series generates fine nanobubbles using lower pressure and less electiric power consumption than HNB series.

These are developed for sewage treatment, water quality improvement of ponds and lakes, fisheries, agriculture and drinking water treatment with lower costs.

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HMNBS series are developed to use nanobubble with a general pump instead of a high-pressure pump which is very expensive.

The quality of nanobubble is lower than HNMB series, but customers can get the benefit of nanobubble sufficiently. These can be used for wastewater treatment, inland shrimp farm, hydroponics, and so on.

These will be most widely used various ar with the highest oxygen dissolution efficiency per power consumption

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