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Ozone Nano Bubble System for Decentralized Drinking Water Purification

‘ We, Honour Tech Inc, offer customizable nanobubble generators, catering to various industries and purposes, ranging from nano to micro bubbles. ‘

We offer customizable nanobubble generators, ranging from micro to nanobubbles, based on our patented technology to meet customers’ various needs. Our cost-effective solutions reduce initial and maintenance costs and power consumption, making nanobubble technology accessible to all industries.

We provide options to suit different customers, with finished products, semi-finished products, and core parts available for separate purchase to save costs. This enables customers to select the components that best meet their requirements and budget without having to invest in a complete nanobubble system.


“Our advanced nanobubble technology uses the IN-FLOW METHOD to produce high-quality and high-density nanobubbles that meet the ISO TC281 definition of Ultra-Fine Bubbles.”

Our advanced nanobubble technology is a leading-edge technology that uses the In-Flow Method to produce high-quality and high-density nanobubbles. By passing a mixture of liquid and gas through a fixed composite structure, our bubble mixer creates nanobubbles that are uniform in size and long-lasting. Our unique nanobubble technology has been patented, and we have also developed derivative technologies suitable for various purposes based on this core technology.


Our advanced nanobubble system comprises a Bubble Mixer, Pump, and Gas Supplier. Depending on customers’ needs, we offer both core parts and finished products. When customers purchase only the core parts, they can save on initial costs but will need to procure additional components such as the pump, gas supplier, control panel, and case separately. Our flexible supply options allow customers to choose the best solution for their budget and specific requirements.

Ozone Nano Bubble System for Decentralized Drinking Water Purification

Nanobubble system is composed as follows.

  • Bubble Mixer (Core Part)
  • Pump
  • Injector
  • Case & Controller
  • Gas supplier (Option)

We offer a range of bubble mixers, including NANO BUBBLE (HNB), NANO-MICRO BUBBLE (HNmB), and MICRO-NANO BUBBLE (HMnB) generators. Customers can select and purchase the appropriate bubble mixer according to their specific needs and financial situation



‘ Our team has developed a range of advanced nanobubble technologies that are cost-effective, stable, modular, diverse, and customer-oriented. ‘


Unlike most nanobubble systems that are expensive, our ceaseless efforts to lower costs have made our technology more accessible and affordable for consumers.


Our nanobubble technology is based on the IN-FLOW METHOD, which greatly reduces the risk of failure.


Our system’s compact and modular design makes it space-efficient, easy to install, and easy to move.


We offer a wide range of products, and customers can purchase core parts based on their financial condition.


In addition to standard products, we also offer customized solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs.


Our products have already sold over 250 units, primarily in the Korean agricultural market, and are currently being tested in various water treatment fields around the world.


Honour Tech’s affordable and revolutionary nanobubble solution is not limited to water quality management, but it has a wide range of applications in various fields. It can significantly contribute to productivity improvement, cleaning, and sterilization in industries such as agriculture, fisheries, food processing, and more.


The HNB series is a cutting-edge device that creates nanobubbles instantly and without the need for liquid circulation. These nanobubbles have an extremely high density, which results in excellent gas transfer efficiency.


The HNmB series, similar to its predecessor the HNB series, is an advanced device that produces nanobubbles instantly without the need for liquid circulation. While this system may generate some micro-bubbles and macro-bubbles, it still achieves exceptional gas transfer efficiency.


The HMnBG series of Micro Nanobubble Systems has been specifically designed for customers seeking high gas solubility in their water without the need for expensive high-pressure pumps.


The HMB series is designed to produce high-density microbubbles without nanobubbles. This offers outstanding performance, providing a reliable and practical solution for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.


The HOA series is a product exclusively for agriculture and can supply irrigation water containing high levels of dissolved oxygen with an affordable costs.

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The HOF series is specially designed for fish farms that need to supply high amounts of oxygen to water at low pressure.

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